Registration is now open! Read the details below, and then proceed to the registration form to register and pay.

Once your registration and payment has been confirmed, you will automatically be added to the attendees mailinglist.

Registration fee

The registration fee depends on the type of registration. It must be paid in advance (excluding the pay-at-the-door type) using one of the approved methods. Please verify that your payment has been received within one week of paying it (by checking the status on the registration form), and contact us if it hasn't.

The registration fee includes access to all sessions during the specified days, as well as catered lunch and coffee with snacks during the breaks. It will also include a conference bag (or equivalent) with information, and a conference t-shirt. We will do our best to accommodate the size preference as given on the registration form, but we can not guarantee the exact same size.

Registration options

Registration type Fee Comments
Standard €120 Available to everybody
Early-bird €100 Available to everybody, but only if registered and paid before September 5th, 2011
Training attendees €100 Available to everybody registering for one or more of the Tuesday training sessions, to also attend the Wednesday-Friday conference.
Single-day €50 Entrance either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
Student €30 Available to registered students in The Netherlands and internationally
Speaker Free Available to confirmed speakers only
Pay at the door €150 If you don't pay in advance, you can pay at the door. Please use this only if you must, we greatly prefer it if you can pay online or using your bank. Exact change is required. You must still register at the website when using this option.


We are using paypal as our payment processor. Note that this does not require you to have a paypal account - you can pay either from an existing paypal account, or using any of the supported credit cards. If you use a credit card, you do not need to create a paypal account at all, you can pay directly from the payment link.


On Tuesday, we will also be providing training sessions. These are in-depth sessions, and cost and extra €150 per half-day session or €300 per full-day session. See the training page for more information.

Participants in the training sessions are entitled to the discounted €100 rate for the rest of the conference, regardless of registration date.

When to register

We prefer if attendees register as soon as possible, as this makes the planning work much easier. And if you register during the early-bird period, it is also cheaper for you! Note that if you register too close to the conference, we cannot guarantee the availability of a conference bag and t-shirt for you!


If you need to cancel your registration after you have paid, please contact us for manual handling, just modifying the registration form will not cancel your registration.

If you cancel at least 4 weeks before the conference, we will refund you the full cost of the registration, minus any transaction fees.

If you cancel at least 2 weeks before the conference, we will refund you 50% of the cost of the registration, minus any transaction fees.

If you cancel less than 2 weeks before the conference, we will refund you 25% of the cost of the registration, minus any transaction fees.

Bulk/prepaid registration

We also have a bulk registration system available for those who wish to pay for many registrations at once. This system is intended for companies who wish to send many employees, or vendors/providers who wish to pay for their customers to go to the conference.

Bulk registration is currently supported for all types of registrations, except for additional training options. Additional training must be purchased on an individual basis.

If you wish to use the bulk registration system, please send an email to, detailing:

  • How many registrations of each type (see table above) you wish to purchase
  • Invoice recipient (name and address)
  • Preferred payment method (paypal/credit card or bank transfer - we strongly recommend paypal/credit card since processing is much faster. Bank transfer usually delays the process with between several days and over a week.)
  • If you have a PostgreSQL community account (if you have registered previous years, or if you have initiated the registration process this year you will have one), please provide the name of this account so we can set you up to view the status of your order
Once received we will send you an invoice, and as soon as this invoice is paid you will be issued a number of prepaid voucher codes. These codes should be distributed to the people you want to pay for, and they will then perform a normal registration in the system and simply choose to pay with a prepaid voucher.

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